Open Access Policy


The objective of the journal is to disseminate high-quality academic research and knowledge to the widest possible audience. To achieve this goal, the journal is committed to an open access publishing model, ensuring that research articles are freely accessible to researchers, students, and the general public.

Open Access Model

  1. All articles published in the journal are open access and freely available to the public.
  2. Authors retain copyright of their work and grant this journal a non-exclusive license to publish and distribute their articles.

Article Licensing

This journal publishes articles under the Creative Commons License 4.0 CC-BY, which allows users to share and adapt the content for non-commercial purposes, with proper attribution to the original source.

Peer Review and Quality Control

Open access does not compromise the quality of published content. This journal follows a rigorous editorial review process to maintain high academic standards.

Archiving and Preservation

This journal will archive and preserve all published articles to ensure long-term accessibility. This journal will use technologies to maximize the accessibility and discoverability of its content, ensuring compatibility with accessibility standards.

Promotion of Open Access

This journal will actively promote open access principles and practices within the academic community and beyond.

Review and Amendment

This Open Access Policy will be periodically reviewed and updated to align with evolving best practices in open access publishing.