Reviewer Guidelines

Reviewer Consent

All reviewers need to agree that the review of manuscripts in this journal is voluntary. Reviewers are awarded a certificate as reviewers every year as long as the reviewer is still willing to study at least one submitted manuscript. Voluntary reviews are carried out on the basis of a desire to serve the development of science. If a reviewer no longer agrees with this policy, the reviewer may send a resignation email to the journal contact.

When a paper is submitted to Langua, it needs to be checked for basic conformity to the journal guidelines. Since Langua applies for Open Review, the submitted paper will be forwarded to the assigned reviewer to check the paper concerning the following aspects:


The reviewer needs to check whether (or not) the paper is relevant to Langua interest and Langua readership. Some papers are good and informative but only when those papers discuss relevant topics (refer to the journal scope) then those papers are able to be considered for further process.


The reviewer is allowed to make sure that the paper is original, valid, and appropriate to be considered for publication.

Ethical Standards

The reviewer should check whether (or not) the paper follows the ethical standards in research and citation. All academic journals including Langua do not tolerate plagiarisms.

Writing Quality and References

The paper must be written in English and the content must be clearly presented. The ideas must be relevant to the title and the citation style must follow APA style. Please refer to Langua Submission Guidelines to have more information about the allowed style.

Reviewer can submit the review result either by using the review form or by uploading a document file by using the provided form. The reviewer is given charge to decide whether the paper is accepted, revised, rejected, or sumit to publish in other relevant journals.