This issue includes a variety of articles dealing with various aspects of language education and literature. The compilation reflects a wide range of educational levels, from seventh grade consonant challenges at SMP PGRI Walantaka to secondary school vocabulary difficulties at Muhamadiyah Waipare Maumere. The issue also explores innovative teaching strategies, such as implementing the MURDER strategy to improve reading comprehension and using the front-loading strategy to improve students' vocabulary mastery. In addition to pedagogical approaches, the magazine presents a literary analysis that focuses on the moral values ​​and characteristics of the main character in Rawson Marshall's Skyscraper. Additionally, the issue explores the interpersonal dynamics in an educational environment, particularly the politeness strategies used by an English teacher in the unique context of the “Program Kelas Full Day Sains dan Bahasa” at MTs Mathalibul Huda. This collection of articles presents a wealth of research and insights aimed at improving our understanding of language learning, teaching methods, and the study of literary works.

Published: 2024-04-01

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