The current issue of the journal features a collection of articles on diverse aspects of language learning and usage. The articles cover topics such as vocabulary mastery, English language varieties, grammatical cohesion in essay writing, and speaking skills. The authors present different pedagogical approaches and strategies for improving language learning and usage, including the use of the "Think Pair Share" strategy for speaking skills and the VOA for enhancing listening skills. Additionally, the issue includes sociolinguistic studies, such as an analysis of code-switching in Twitter, and literary criticism articles that explore feminist and sociological perspectives on contemporary song lyrics, such as "The Man" by Taylor Swift and "This is Me" by Keala Seattle. Moreover, the issue features a study on language disorders among students with mild mental retardation and a sociolinguistic study on the Gebe language in Central Halmahera. The articles provide valuable insights for researchers, academics, and language instructors seeking to deepen their knowledge and improve their teaching methods in language learning and usage.

Published: 2023-04-01


Literature Review