Last Updated: August 11th 2023

Publication Frequency

How many times a year does this journal publish articles?
This journal publishes articles twice a year, namely in April and October.

When is the deadline for submitting manuscripts for each issue?
The deadline for submitting manuscripts is in February (for articles that will be published in April) and August (for articles that will be published in October).

Manuscript and Submission

Does this journal accept manuscripts in languages other than English?
Currently, this journal only accepts manuscripts written in English.

What topics of discussion does this journal accept? This journal considers manuscripts with topics of discussion around linguistics, literary studies, and language education. The scope of this journal is linguistics and English language education.

My manuscript is written in English and the topic of study is linguistics. However, my study is linguistics of other languages. Is the manuscript acceptable?
This journal considers the topic of linguistic discussion in general. Nonetheless, this journal prioritizes the study of English material, English literary works, and English language education.

Do all manuscripts have to be research-based?
This journal considers both research-based manuscripts and literature reviews. Even so, the editor still pays attention to the methodological aspects of the manuscript.

What citation system is used in this journal?
This journal applies the APA citation and bibliographic writing system.

Can I receive LoA in a short time?
LoA is published no later than one week after a manuscript is decided to be accepted by the reviewers and editors on duty. LoA will be emailed to the corresponding author. The review time for a manuscript depends on the quality of the manuscript.


Does this journal apply an article processing fee?
Every article submitted must complete the article processing fee.

What happens to manuscripts that don't complete the article processing fee?
Before a manuscript completes the article processing fee, the manuscript will be postponed so that it does not proceed to the review process.

Is there a guarantee that manuscripts that have paid an article processing fee will be published?
Payment of an article processing fee does not guarantee that a manuscript will be published. A manuscript will be published if the review results recommend accepting the manuscript.

My manuscript was rejected even though I already paid the article processing fee. Is there a refund?
Article processing fees are intended for processing manuscripts into the editor's workflow. Because the resources used are non-refundable, the article processing fee is not returned even if the manuscript is rejected.

I have paid the article processing fee but my manuscript has not been processed. What happened and what should I do?
The editor has determined that the manuscript needs to be corrected before it can be forwarded to the assigned reviewers. Please check your email inbox or the discussion column on your submission page. Pay attention to messages from the editor and make improvements to the manuscript. After you make improvements according to the information from the editor, be sure to upload the revised manuscript and notify the editor that you have made improvements to the manuscript through the discussion column.

Can I receive the Letter of Acceptance before paying the APC?
The short answer is No. What we mean by APC or Article Processing Charge is the cost for working on a manuscript from pre-review to publication (or rejection) stage. LoA will be issued after a manuscript is reviewed and APC guarantees that a manuscript will be reviewed. However, APC does not guarantee that a manuscript will be accepted.