The Teacher's Problems in Implementing Curriculum 2013 at State Senior High School 3 of West Halmahera

  • Suhaimi Tegamuni STKIP Kie Raha Ternate
  • Kristin Natalia Ugu
Keywords: curriculum 2013, English teaching and learning, teaching problem, curriculum implementation


This research attempted to figure out the problems that teachers in senior high schools dealt with in implementing Curriculum 2013 and what efforts they had taken to overcome the problems. By employing descriptive qualitative method, the researcher took data by distributing questionnaire and by observing the classroom processes. Two senior high school teachers were involved as the participants. They were English teachers in the Senior High School 3 on West Halmahera. From the analysis of the data, it has been found that some problems regarding to the improvement of the students’ academic improvement and some efforts to overcome the problems were discussed.


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Tegamuni, S., & Ugu, K. (2019). The Teacher’s Problems in Implementing Curriculum 2013 at State Senior High School 3 of West Halmahera. LANGUA: Journal of Linguistics, Literature, and Language Education, 2(1), 33-38.